The Trouble with Kenya: McKenzian Blueprint

The Trouble with Kenya is a microcosm of any given country’s social and justice pillars. These pillars have been subordinated to the political and economic pillars in many societies with politics and the economy being deified as the all-encompassing enablers of the advancement of Nations. With the world becoming more connected, happenings in far-flung places are increasingly becoming risk factors locally, precipitating issues of local concern and increasing the impediments to collective human development. All these may appear to be abstract concepts in daily life where making the next pay check, putting food on the table or securing a comfortable future for oneself and family is an exhausting endeavor but those who ignore the harbinger flicks subject themselves to ongoing or future succumb.

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The story of the founding of Kenya as a country and the continuous strides towards nationhood is similar to many countries globally that have had a monarchy in their founding DNA. Indeed, some countries have excelled in building institutions that ensure an equitable society, while some continue to struggle with cartelization and usurpation of independence of institutions and commensurately experience unjust societal confluence where only a few enjoy the benefits of a nation-wide toil.

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L. S. Njeremani is a social consciousness theorist. He describes himself as a human being in pursuit of heightened consciousness. A lateral thinker who observes that social problems can be solved best at the human level, moderate resolution at the generalist level and the least application of solutions takes place at the specialist level. As a multi-skilled individual, he deploys his talents towards thought-processes, debates and insights that inspire a second look at what has been normalized in conventional society.

L.S Njeremani has been a hobbyist golfer and took up turf grass management professionally. He is a member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), Ontario Golf Superintendents Association (OGSA) and. The Stanley Thompson Society. As at the publishing of this book, he is completing his studies in Turfgrass Management at the University of Guelph. He has a keen interest in History and Sociology and is a member of the International Sociological Association (ISA). He is also the Founder of PQAdvancement, offering Innovation, Training and Excellence awards services. He is a Registered Professional Trainer and member of the Canadian Professional Trainers Association.

L.S Njeremani has served in the Not-for Profit sector as a volunteer Board Member of United Way Kenya (as Treasurer and Vice President). The penchant for organized volunteer service and leadership development of self and other began in his youth as a member of the Rotaract Club of Milimani in Rotary International District 9200 where he went on to serve as District Rotaract Representative and was subsequently appointed by then Rotary International President to serve on the Rotary International Rotaract Committee to advise the Rotary International Board on the Rotaract program. He continues to serve as a Rotary Alumni, making presentations as a Guest Speaker in various Rotary Club meetings –online and in-person as well as in Officer Training Seminars.

He currently serves as a volunteer with the Guelph Lions Club, having previously served Lions Club District 411A as the Multiple District I.T. Chair,  Training Faculty member (FDI/FDES), District Environment Chair, District Reading Action Program (RAP) Chair, District Micro-Enterprise Grant Chair (funded by Lions Clubs International Foundation), Zone Chair, Partnerships Director (mooting and actualizing partnerships between the Lions Clubs of Kenya and the Aga Khan Development Network, Kenya Defence Forces, Special Olympics of Kenya, Nairobi County, among other corporate partners).


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The Samaismela Show

In a world of specialization, material culture and bias filters, many lose themselves trying to be conformists. Human traits are sacrificed and eroded on a daily basis and in turn a culture is built that densely chokes the wellness of the people in it. The Samaismela Show seeks to raise collective social consciousness at the human level and spread positive energy to the Nation

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The Samaismela Show – SUMMER SCHEDULE

This summer, The Samaismela Show changes its format to The Samaismela Music Show. This will air every Wednesday from 5 to 6P.M Easter Standard Time.

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