Leadership Techniques

You are the boss… but are you a leader?

 Yes, you have the title, but would your crew or team members act on your task list if you didn’t hold rank?

We are confident that by taking the PQAdvancement Leadership techniques
course you will be able to develop a framework to answer some of these
questions that linger in a dynamic leader’s psyche as you undertake your duties.

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The Trouble with Kenya : McKenzian Blueprint

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Some lines are short; some lines are long. All lines are variable. Some appear parallel but connect in latency. Some appear linear. When held against the light they reveal dependence or independence; Freedom or constraints; Empowerment or strife; Subjugation or Justice.

Meet Lawi S. Njeremani


AUTHOR: "The Trouble with Kenya : McKenzian Blueprint" SPECIALTY: Innovation. Training. Excellence
PROFICIENCY: Turfgrass Management, Golf Course Maintenance, Leadership Development &  Training
In love with nature

Nature is my Home

"For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver."
Martin Luther King Jr.

The Greenman

Tree Planting

Planting a billion trees can help us curb the effects of climate change. It's a big number, but we know we can do it with your help.

All Natural

Leafy Green

Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.

Natures way

Natural Power

While they are silent and stationary, trees hold tremendous powers, including the power to make our lives better.

Healthy Living


More like breakfast, lunch and dinner. photosynthesis, involves absorbing carbon dioxide from the air.

Nature is my home

Who is Lawi

In touch with nature

Lawi is an innovative, intuitive and supportive team member. His goal is to work within the Turf Industry (primarily) as well as in other Multi-Disciplinary sectors in a Leadership & People Development role. He takes pride in training and knowledge building skills as well as finding creative ways to solving complex problems. He has formulated partnerships with both Government and Non-profit organizations leading to shared and enhanced value for various stakeholders by turning high level agreements into manageable tasks that are within timelines and below budget.

An experience with Lawi S. Njeremani


He is an enthusiastic and highly valued member of our Team.


Cabinet Secretary

"On behalf of the Ministry of Defence, I wish to thank Lawi most sincerely for accepting our invitation to be the Moderator at our recently-held New Year Greetings and Ambassadors' Roundtable on Environment and Security. Thank you for your engaging informative and lively moderation that contributed to the success of the event."


Dam Coordinator, Ndakaini Dam, Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company Ltd

"Lawi has been a significant partner in our Tree Planting efforts at the water catchment areas around Ndakaini Dam." He brought strong resource mobilization abilities to our conservation efforts and opened our eyes to new possibilities through creative approaches not experienced before.

Dr. Manoj Shah, H.s.c

Chairman of the Board, M.P Shah Hospital

"Lawi S. Njeremani provided us with Consultancy service in the year 2012. During that period, he led a Team of Consultants in addressing the broad areas covered under the Basics of Customer Care/ service/experience. "

Lawi S. Njeremani

Turf Intern

Skills Summary

  • Experience in tree planting and seed nurseries propagation activities covering three full seasons and realized over 50,000 planted saplings with more than 200,000 tree seeds propagated and weaned

  • Devised creative means of seedling watering during dry periods, including wick watering and semi-buried, upright PET bottles to allow for refilling

  • Progressive practical experience in turf equipment mechanics, calibration, maintenance and safety

  • Gained progressive experience in soil types and their impact on turf management and propagation through lab sessions

  • Progressive turf industry experience gained through field trips to various golf courses showcasing types of grass and maintenance regimes

  • Proven experience in professional development of seasoned and new employees.

  • An experienced Project Manager with the ability to engage diverse stakeholders

  • Demonstrated oral presentation and written report skills in engagements with client organizations

Education & certifications

  • GCSAA (Golf Course Superintendents Association of America)                                                          Assistant Superintendent Certificate Series -Completed Principles of Golf Course Leadership and Communications certificate, 2023

  • Registered Professional Trainer                                                                                    Canadian Professional Trainers Association

  • Diploma in TurfgrassManagement(Co-op)                                                               September 2022 to Present University of Guelph, Guelph,ON


  • Turf Intern (Co-op)                                                                                                               June 2022 to Present

  • Cutten Fields Golf Club                                                                                                         

  • •                   Undertaking various golf course maintenance activities under the tutelage of the Golf Course Superintendent.

  • ExpectedGraduation                                                                                                              April2024

  • ProjectManagement                                                                                                            January & April2012

  • ·         Completed 35 hours of Online Project Management Professional (PMP) Instructions, Velociteach, Atlanta

  • ·         Completed 60 hours of In-Class Project Management Professional (PMP) Instructions (Velocity P.M), Nairobi

  • Diploma in Mass Communication                                                                                        September 1999 to 2002

  •  Kenya Institute of Mass Communication

  • ·         Experience in Broadcasting, TV and Radio Production as well as Print Journalism

Relevant Experience

Member, TurfClub • September 2022 -Present • University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

  • Meeting weekly with guest speakers and gaining industry insights

  • Participated in the annual sodding (aesthetic applique of turf grass)of the Old Jeremiah-- a landmark cannon at the University

  • Participated in and donated raffle items to the alumni golf tournament. Team shot one under par.

Founder, SKWL Cafe IndoorGolf Club • January 2018 -Present • Nairobi, Kenya

  • Develops and updates the Governance structures, Standard Operating Procedures, and creates partnership opportunities with existing Golf stakeholders

  • Directs the company’s vision to support the Mission of the company – To be the leading golf club in Kenya “Where GolfersExcel”

  • Attracted interest from potential members as this is going to be the first Indoor Golf Club in the country.

Golf Industry • 2015 -Present

  • Golfer for 7 years with an interest in golf course design, course maintenance, golfer, golf professionals and golf club leadership skills development.

  • Membership pending in the Ontario Golf Superintendents’ Association (OGSA)- bias for Technician and equipment knowledge

  • Membership pending in the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA)- bias for Leadership & Communications and Environmental Stewardship tracks

  • Passed The R&A Level 1 online Rules exam with 76% in 2020

Other work experience

Consulting Team Lead; Lions Sight first Eye Hospital -Nairobi Feb-April2016

  • Identified system challenges that affected customer flow and as well as employee factors that negativelyimpactedcustomercare.

  • Atthecloseoftheproject,plansweredevelopedtobring the turnaround time to within 1 hour from the baseline 4hours

Partnership Director; Lions Clubs of Kenya & Kenya Defense Forces,Nairobi -July 2014- Feb2016

  • Developed a strategy for the establishment of tree nurseries in strategic ecological zones to enable tree plantingactivities

  • Over200,000seedlingswereplantedduringthe partnershipperiod;

  • Both organizations were recognized nationally with awards and the Partnership Director conferred with a Tree AmbassadorAward

Consulting Team Lead; KingswayTyres,Nairobi -July 2011- March2012

  • Worked with Heads of Department in developing the Business Plan 2012 and StrategicPlan 2012-14

  • Team Lead for a 3-Part Training Workshop on Sales Management, Customer Service, Change Management and PerformanceManagement

Volunteer Experience

Honorary Roles • November 2003 to June2020

Actively been a member of Rotary Club and Rotaract, Lions Clubs and United Way, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Conducted official visits to 4 countries as a District Rotaract Representative (DRR) and met Members from more than 61-clubs together with their leadership.

  • Realized more than 2,000 hours of DistrictLeadership mandate as DRR in the one year term

  • Cultivated partnerships on behalf of the Lions Clubs District, including with Special Olympics, Kenya Defense Forces, Corporate and CommunityPartners

  • Realizeda Microenterprise Grantfromthe LionsClubsInternationalFoundationthatwasdisbursedto more than 4,530 beneficiaries-- mostly women from low-income households

  • Served as Treasurer and Board Vice-Chairman ofUnitedWayin Kenya and workedwith theFounding Teamtosatisfygovernancerequirementsto enable operation

~References available for each area of interest~


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